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Latest Releases

Zdes' Khorosho (Rachmaninoff: Op. 21 N. 7)

by Jousman Matos

Flor de Sancayo (Ballad from the Andean Plateau)

by Jousman Matos

Jousman grew up in a small town in coastal Peru

His favourite childhood memories are listening to musicians performing in local agrarian and religious festivals, making mixtapes by recording bites of film soundtracks directly off the tv, and his mother singing and playing records of Maria Callas while doing house chores. 

At a ayoung age he identified the theatricality in the folkloric expressions of his homeland with the dramatic grandure of opera and Hollywood scores. Joining these two sensitivities together, Jousman’s music sounds like an expansive and cinematographic auditory journey. His songs, led by a powerful tenor voice, elicit feelings of contemplation, wanderlust, communion and celebration, been likened as Andrea Bocelli meets Hans Zimmer, with an exciting dose of world music exploration.


Hi! I’m Jousman. I’m a singer, lyricist and recording artist with 15+ years of experience, a crazy love for melodies and a mission: creating awesome music with awesome people! Welcome to my site! Here you’ll find music, videos and other media I’ve worked on. Hope you’ll enjoy it, and please do say hi if you do, all links down below!



 Let me breathe voice to your ideas. I’ll deliver the awesome, top-notch quality vocals *your* amazing project deserves. Contact me, tell me about your project, your budget, the type of contract you’d prefer and I’ll get back to you with a proposal within 24h.


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